The glossy green, tightly compacted, leaves of this shrub are a highlight, along with the pretty flowers.  Fragrant white flowers appear in spring, adding to your current plant selection.  Growing to around 1m in height, Pittosporum – Miss Muffet tends to be wider at around 2m.  It is a popular plant selection for raised garden beds, borders and the potted garden.  This shrub may be hedged or pruned into shapes or utilized in a corner or feature garden.  In a themed landscape style, this plant is suitable for Japanese and tropical gardens, owing to its compact form and glossy leaves.


Miss Muffet, also known as Dwarf Pittosporum, prefers a well-drained soil for optimum plant establishment and growth.  An aspect in full sun or partial shade will see this plant flourish.  Though it offers some drought tolerance, it will require regular watering in dry periods with less through Winter.  Pruning is best done before the primary growing and flowering season.


Considered low maintenance, Dwarf Pittosporum will benefit from a complete plant fertilizer in Spring and Autumn to support its overall growth.  High humidity can induce fungal problems in some areas of Australia.



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