Without a doubt it is the striking, fresh new growth that distinguishes Photinia from other shrub species. Growing to approximately 3M x 1.5M Photinia – Red Robin is a robust species making it a good contender for planting out in your garden as tube stock.

Planted as a screening plant (60-80cm apart) this species trims up well and rewards you through the Winter months with the most beautiful display of Burgundy foliage.  Its woody structure ensures a thick stand of hedging, providing a living alternative for a standard fence.  Don’t overlook planting with other species, as Red Robin will shine with its interesting structure, colourful new foliage & clusters of white flowers borne in late Spring.

This hardy species tolerates a wide range of soil types and climates along with low watering requirements & it even is tolerance to mild frosts once established.

It’s a winner!


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