This medium sized shrub grows to 2-3m with its most stunning feature being the small, wonderfully fragrant flowers (similar to bubblegum) that appear Spring though to Autumn. Michelia figo (Port Wine Magnolia is a must have in any garden design with being so versatile.
Port Wine Magnolia 1With glossy, green leaves and a compact habit, the Port Wine Magnolia is a great plant to include in your garden.  Because of its dense habit it is perfect for use as a screening plant and for hedging, as the flowering won’t be disturbed by trimming due to the flowers being on the stem of the plant.  Port Wine Magnolia grows well in full sun to part shade.
This hardy exotic plant will perform well if you plant it in well drained soil and keep it well fed via decomposing mulch or if necessary an annual feed. Port Wine Magnolia is also salt tolerant but will need protection from salt laden winds.

Supplementary watering will be required during dry periods. 


Port Wine Magnolia Hedge

Hedges up very nicely!