There are many plants on the market but here at Ezyplant we like to share the outstanding ones!  New to the marketplace, this new variety of Lomandra, Lomandra “Tropic Cascade” offers a sterile, dwarf plant that ticks all the boxes.
Lomandra - Tropic CascadeThis tufting grass grows to about 60cm x 60cm, half the size of previous varieties offering a fantastic substitute for small areas.
Lomandra histrix – “Tropic Cascade” has beautiful, green weeping foliage but with the advantage of a sterile flower which makes this tufting grass a real winner. It is tagged as requiring light to moderate shade but as you see in the attached image these specimens are growing in full sun.
Drought tolerant, this fantastic plant can also tolerate periods of wet feet and a moderate frost won’t bother it either.

Consider using Lomandra – Tropic Cascade in your garden design, the frogs love them too!!



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