The Lomandra grass or River Grass has seen some amazing varieties enter the market place over the last couple of years.  In the past, Lomandra grass was a green, tufting plant with scented flower spikes with plants that coped in full sun and shade.  These plants grew to approximately 1.2M in height and became quiet large due to self seeding.  Being a prolific seeder works well in it’s natural habitat along a river bed but this isn’t always favourable in a domestic garden.


Tufting Grass


With the development of Lomandra hystric “Tropic Cascade” the domestic garden can now breath easy with a smaller plant to 60-80cm still showcasing lush, green foliage along with the beautifully scented flower spike.  The added bonus is, it’s sterile making this plant a must have in Native or Tropical landscapes.  Lomandra Tropic Cascade has many applications including as a low screening plant to hide domestic sewerage treatment plants or submerged water tanks.  Providing frog habitat, Lomandras work well around ponds and along feature dry river beds.




Other Lomandra Grass varieties to consider:

Image result for Lomandra Little Con


Don’t over look Lomandra “Tilga”, “Tanika”, “Shara” & Little Con, all offering varying habits and growth sizes and all being worthy contenders for a spot in your garden design.  Learn more about other tufting plants.




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