Liriope - Evergreen GiantThis fantastic tufting plant is a must in every garden.  Not only is it hardy but Liriope will grow in full sun or full shade & it’s happy in dry situations, so consider this one in your garden design.

Liriope muscari is available in a range of sizes with “Evergreen Giant” being the largest at 70cm.  With purple flower spikes, “Evergreen Giant” works well along driveways, paths or used in narrow planting spaces in your garden design to soften the area.  If you are on a property with a treatment plant or septic system then these grasses work well planted around the circumference. With a small, non invasive root system there is no issues & it does a great job to hide the unit.

Liriope “muscari” – Stripey White is the smaller variety at 40-50cm and has a variegated leaf.  Flowers are white but other varieties flowers are pink, purple or white.  Maintenance is easy!  When they are looking a little ratty, cut them off a couple of centimeters above ground level and watch all the new growth appear.  This is best done during Spring or Summer.

Liriope around tank

Liriope muscari – Evergreen Giant