Leptospermum “Pacific Beauty” is a captivating ornamental shrub that is native to Australia and New Zealand.

Leptospermum “Pacific Beauty” is a popular choice due to its attractive white flowers and aromatic foliage. It can be used as a focal point within your landscape design. Plant as a hedge for privacy or windbreak, or include in mixed shrub borders for added colour and texture.

It tends to have a dense, bushy growth habit and can reach a height of 1.2 to 1.8 metres (4 to 6 feet) and a similar spread.

This shrub thrives in temperate to subtropical climates. It is well-suited for coastal gardens and can tolerate salty air. Well-draining soil is essential for the health of this shrub. Typically this native species requires full sun to thrive and to produce the best flowering display.

While relatively drought-tolerant once established, regular watering during the establishment phase is important. Once mature, they can handle periods of reduced water availability.

Light pruning after flowering can help maintain a compact and tidy shape. This will encourage more prolific flowering in the following season.

Bee on Leptospermum flower

Leptospermum – “Pacific Beauty” is a captivating ornamental shrub known for its vibrant flowers, aromatic foliage, and potential medicinal uses. It is known for its production of Manuka honey. The honey is prized for its potential antibacterial properties.

Whether you are a gardener seeking a striking plant for your landscape or interested in exploring its potential health benefits, “Pacific Beauty” is undoubtedly a plant of beauty and interest.


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