This seasons feature plant is the beautiful small tree. Native and hardy Harpullia pendula (also known as Tulipwood) grows to around 6 metres in an urban and suburban garden, a lot less than the 26 metres in height in the wild!  Tulipwood’s origin is Tropical and Sub-tropical Eastern Australia though it can be grown in most zones in Australia.

Harpullia pendula - Feature plantHarpullias are evergreen with lime coloured foliage, small spring blooms and female trees will set larger striking orange shelled, black fruit, if they have a male tree nearby.  It grows in an upright, open form with dense foliage and has a beautiful grey scaly trunk.

Choose Tulipwood as a feature tree or street tree as it provides good shade eventually, as its fairly slow growing.  Non-invasive roots allow it to be planted near buildings, streets and paths.  It tolerates salt air, pollution, drought and frost, making it an easy addition to most gardens of all sizes.  Plant Harpullia in free draining soil, add compost, an initial feed and mulch after planting will set this tree in good stead for establishment.  Apply water when young and the occasional water once established, though it will tolerate periodic drying out.


With branches often growing from quite low in its overall structure, prune it when young to encourage a single strong trunk.