The Alcantarea imperialis – Silver Plum is a hardy, evergreen plant that can reach 1.5M X 1.5M at maturity, in perfect conditions.

Feature Plant - Alacantarea - Silver PlumSilver Plum thrives in the full sun to partly shaded areas and are a great feature plant for the garden, patio area or even a well-lit area indoors. Thickened, fleshy leaves coloured silver on top and rich purple underside, this stunning plant will add great value to your garden. Performing well in a pot, Alacantarea – Silver Plum makes the perfect plant selection for the pool area.

Flowering just once with a large flower spike, which can take over a year to fully open, this plant will die and be replaced with pups that shoot from the original base. These can easily be transferred into other areas of the garden saving you money. Silver Plum is a low maintenance plant only needing the central ‘tank’ always filled with water and the essential trick is to avoid heavy fertilising.




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