Century Plant is the common name given to this species as its creamy flowers grow on an enormous spike, only once after years of growth before it dies, leaving a legacy of pups or baby plants growing at its trunk.

The pups can be taken as cuttings and will grow easily when replanted, or watch the roots grow when placed in a vase to display indoors for a short period.

agaves in landscape

These beautiful succulent plants from Mexico are one of the easiest plants to grow. They are drought tolerant and will also survive the soaking rain that we experience in the Sub Tropics. A sunny position is best in well-drained soil or as a feature in a pot. No need to repot them every year, they do grow to around a metre wide, so repot every few years. Agaves are so versatile, they fit the look for a succulent, cactus or xerophytic garden and fit equally well in a tropical garden. They provide texture and a blue green shade to any garden for a contrast or blend of colour. Agave are an easy plant to grow and make a welcomed addition to any property.