There is a whole variety of plants you can take cuttings from and a whole process that goes with some of them but if you are anything like me, EZY is the way to go. There are a couple in this article that I myself take cuttings from the plants growing in my own garden. Cordylines, Dracaenas, Philodendrons and succulents are just some of the plants you can easily take cuttings from giving you more colour and foliage variation throughout your garden design.












Plants aren’t too expensive but buying multiple to fill the garden can get pricey.  If you are anything like me, walking into a nursery or the markets is deadly for the bank account, but you can save some money and time duplicating your own plant selection.  Not only will this reduce costs, but your home will be lit up with beautiful cuttings while you wait for the roots to spout.  Cutting can make a lovely display until they are ready to be planting out in the garden.

The process for taking cuttings from these species is quite easy. Simply cut, allowing at a good amount of stem for planting and place into a vase with some water.  Ensure your remove any leaves on the bottom of the stem and then cover this section with water.  Leave over a period of time until roots start to appear along the stem.  This process is best done through the warmer months to ensure success.

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