If you haven’t already you can still cut back your decorative grasses. Cutting back plants like Liriope & Orphiopogan to about five centimetres from the base will see fresh, new growth appear. Every couple of years this can be done to freshen up these plants.

If your grasses have been in for a number of years and you require some elsewhere in the garden, then now is the time to pull them up and divide them. See how here. This also applies to lilies like Agapanthus, Day Lilies, Spider Lilies, Clivia and Hippiastrums.

Just remember that your Agapanthus will be about to flower so best you leave them until flowering has finished.     

         Grass Trimming 4                                   Ezyplant - Hippy bulbs 2     

    Ophiopogan – Stripey White                                Agapanthus & Hippiastrum