Xmas Poinsettia

In the subtropics we do a lot of outside entertaining over the Christmas season. Cooler nights see most gravitate towards the garden with BBQ’s, swimming and of course a bit of cricket!

Consider decorating your outdoor area with plants such as Poinsettia, Chilli and annual flowers. Potted colour is available at nurseries and by utilizing the flower colours, a Christmas display can be easily achieved.  



Xmas Chilli.2The traditional Poinsettia looks gorgeous as a centerpiece to the Christmas table as does a potted chilli bush, but just remember to keep an eye on the children as these two can cause health issues!

Combining Christmas tinsel, colourful barbules, fairy lights, a living Christmas tree along with potted colour will really get your family & friends into the Christmas spirit. 

The potted colour could become a gift for when all the festivities have come to an end and it’s time for your guests to go home.


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