balustrade potUnit, flat and townhouse living comes with it’s challenges. However, you can have a functional and productive garden, connecting you to nature, creating micro climates and filling your kitchen with abundance through container gardening. Stamp your unique style on a balcony, terrace or small garden with containers in various, shapes, styles and materials.

Screening from neighbours, sun and wind can be achieved by planting strategically placed singular or walls of shrubs in larger pots. Photinia, Murraya Min a Min, Lily Pilly varieties including Allyn Magic and Syzygium Resilience. Chamedorea Cascade and Golden Cane palms, deciduous Frangipani for summer shade and winter sun, Malay Dwarf Bamboo and climbers such as Bougainvillea and Trachelospermum Star Jasmine are all up to the job with container gardening.

rain-gutter-gardenThe productive garden

is in your realm with a potted garden. Lemon, lime and orange dwarf citrus trees, vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, green beens can all be achieved with larger pots.  Up cycle rain guttering for a productive green wall of herbs, mint, basil, and parsley or a picking garden of lettuce, rocket and spinach.

Decorate a balcony and soften hard edges by containing multiple plantings of contrasting leaf size, colour and shape with similar water and light needs. Choose succulents surrounding Sanseveria varieties and structural feature plants, Agave, Furcraea and Bromeliads. Enjoy flowers throughout the year from Hippeastrum interspersed with Agapanthus or flowering annuals of Cosmos and Petunia. Consider Begonias, Birds Nest Fern, Ginger, Spathiphylum and Elkhorn for shady situations.

Hanging plants

create a trailing curtain, choose from hardy succulents, Mandevilla, Hardenbergia Purple Coral Pea and Hedera helix English Ivy which will all add interest to your area.

Mandevilla hanging

With the right aspect, nutrients and the right amount of water, you can tailor your container garden to your individual needs, budget and style.  Always choose a premium potting mix for your pots to ensure your plants perform at their best and you will reduce the need for watering.  In sunny spots consider mulching the top of your pots with sugarcane mulch which is readily available (plastic wrapped) at hardware stores.





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