Building a new home can be a daunting task but with a huge range of professional builders to work with these days most of the decisions are easy, allowing you time to enjoy the process. Once you’ve decided on your tiles, floor coverings & paint colours (to name a few), the next big item to put some time and energy into is what to do with your garden.

Building a new home

There are many garden design options these days and with a lot of builders offering landscape packages for the front of your property you are left to decide what to do out the back. I’m often called in once the owners have moved in and on some occasions, have already gone to the expense of laying large expanses of lawn to cover up all of the exposed dirt. Understandably living with exposed soil for any length of time is difficult and with pets and children in the equation it’s almost impossible to maintain your sanity.  If I could give one piece of advice to home builders it would be consult a garden designer whilst your home is being built. This gives you time to consider your options, get some great design tips and include all of the things you want in your garden, optimizing the garden space you have.  This process will save you time and money!


Consider a Garden Consultation with a Professional

garden consultation

A garden consultant will provide you with a garden design that will include a suitable plant selection, ensuring your garden becomes the piece of paradise you have always envisaged. Undoubtedly you will save time and money getting it right the first time, knowing where garden beds will be planted, sheds & maybe a pool constructed and then the space that is left can be laid with turf. Most people struggle with plant selection and choosing the right plants requires good knowledge. To ensure you are not a slave to your garden & you don’t waste money on incorrect plant choices that don’t perform, contact a garden designer today.

Did you know that Ezyplant now offers Online Garden Consultations in your garden. If you live in our service area we can sit down together and compile an affordable garden design solution for you. And because we love to support D.I.Y. gardeners, we will be there every step of the way to ensure your design comes together as you can afford it and time allows.


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