In a busy home kitchen, the best thing to have is your own herb garden.  The convenience and joy in being able to grow and pick the herbs you like to cook or season with is wonderful. Having your own herb garden can save you money as well as encourage a kid-friendly garden idea. Most herbs are easy to grow whether it be in or outdoors as long as they get the love and attention they need with the correct sunlight, watering, and fertiliser. Having your own herb garden can bring the benefits of delicious flavours, health benefits for you and your family along with attracting the bees and butterflies to your garden.

We have put together our top 6 recommendations of best herbs to grow in your garden.



Is hardy and one of the easiest herbs to grow and can thrive in a pot or the garden. Curly leaf parsley has a milder flavour and more commonly used for decoration of a dish.  Italian or flat leaf parsley has more flavour & therefore more widely used. You can harvest parsley anytime and it will grow back quickly.  To encourage growth peal the outer stems from the base of the plant as apposed to just breaking the stems off.



Needs little attention and is also very hardy and can survive just on rainwater as it prefers a dryer soil. Rosemary needs quite a bit of sunlight, so place it or the pot in a sunny spot in the garden. When taking cuttings, be sure to tie and hang upside down to dry out.  Pruning regularly will help make the plant bushier ensuring you always have good supplies. Use in olive oil or butter for extra flavours, coat veggies or chips before roasting.



Easy to grow but will take over your garden space without looking back. It is best to grow mint in a pot, forcing it to stay in the space given and will thrive with morning sunlight and afternoon shade. There are many types of this herb, so be sure to check the requirements for your chosen type. Mint leaves are used in a lot of drinks for freshness, salads with fruit or Asian inspired meals.



Loves the sunlight and will thrive in the summer months. Frequently prune to stop any sight of flowering to encourage focusing on new growth of tasty leaves. Basil is key in Italian cooking, pasta dishes and is a main ingredient in pesto.  Protect from the harsh winter cold to prolong its life.




Grows best in full sun with good drainage soil. Harvest and tie upside down to dry before use like rosemary. Thyme is commonly used in meat dishes, soups, and stews.



Is drought tolerant and easy to maintain with not much watering and will withstand most winters but prefers the warmer months. Oregano is becoming popular for indoor herb gardens and is happy to sit on the kitchen windowsill and soak up the sunlight from there. This herb is commonly used in many Mexican and Mediterranean dishes.


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