If you’re anything like me, summer gardening involves a cool 5am or 5pm start! Autumn in the garden brings the joys of cooler temperatures for gardening, with warm, damp soil (hopefully..) it’s prime time for prepping the vegetable garden for winter crops. The garden and environment are indeed heavily influenced by the seasons, so experience in your neck of the woods will allow for success.

Cooler temperatures mean less stress on you and some plants in the garden. Do any heavier garden work now. Build garden beds, install mass plantings and extend on your garden design.  Consider losing the lawn and incorporating a garden path with decorative stone and stepping stones, additional plantings and a beautiful garden features.


Take advantage of warm soils after summer rain and heat. Autumn is the best time to plant trees, shrubs and grasses. Frangipani, Ixora and Gardenia will benefit from planting now. Plant tropical fruit trees like Citrus, Mulberry, Avocado, Lychee and Passionfruit now.

In preparation for winter, sow seeds for cooler weather herbs and leafy greens – coriander, dill, rocket, spinach. Dill repels Cabbage White Butterfly which you can guard against by also installing a useful frame which can also be utilized to provide some shade to delicate plantings through the Summer months.

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A challenge of Autumn is fallen leaves from Frangipani, Jacaranda, White Cedar, Poinciana, Grevillea Silky Oak and Liquid Amber – mow over leaves and add this beautiful high carbon mulch to your compost.