In the subtropics there is one garden feature that is a must. Adding a birdbath to your garden will not only add interest to an otherwise boring area but can supply much needed water to the birds that call your garden home.
Bathing Loreket
With many beautiful garden features available on the market there is no reason why every garden shouldn’t have one. Encouraging birds into your garden will bring many benefits including free pest control. Magpies, Kurrajongs, butcher birds, honeyeaters (who also eat small insects like spiders) & Willy Wagtails, just to name a few, will patrol your plants looking for grubs, grasshoppers, snails, spiders and other plant eating insects. Their presence not only adds to the tranquillity of your garden design, but to the total ecosystem.
With so many different birdbath styles available, you can really add a piece of artwork to your garden.
Birdbath 1 Birdbath 3 Birdbath 4 Birdbath 2



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