Handfull of wormsI have recently inherited a working worm farm from a good friend and I’m loving having these little guys as part of my team. The quality of the worm juice has been astounding and the veggie garden is benefiting with larger,healthier plants. I look forward to tasting the produce and assessing the increase in the overall yield but I’m feeling positive. Along with the bee hive,that my dear old dad has positioned at the back of my garden, I now feel that I am no longer “working it alone”.  Pollination had become a real issue in my garden with me having to physically pollinate pumpkins, zucchini etc in the last few years. With these guys doing that work for me along with the worm juice, the rich compost from my compost system and “The Girls” chook poo, my productive garden is looking fantastic. I did buy in some mushroom compost but otherwise the systems I have in place are all working together.


Zucchini PlantsIf you think you don’t have enough waste for a compost and worm farm then consider utilizing kitchen scraps for the worm farm including clean paper (paper napkins) with your garden trimmings, leaves, weeds & lawn clippings being designated to the compost bin. It might take a little longer but each final product is so valuable to your garden it is worth the effort. If you have chickens to feed too, then ask your time poor family and friends if you can have their food scraps and garden waste.  Maybe you will inspire them to compost and start a productive garden if only a small one. Then you can each grow different produce enabling you to swap and reap the benefits of community growing.