Well thanks to the recent rain the vege garden is coping better and with the tank being
full again, continued water supply is guaranteed for at least a couple of months.
Continue to replace your greens and consider letting some go to seed so you can sow
them to save on the cost of buying seeds or seedlings. Seed saving is great to do with
the kids, so have fun with it.  Make sure the seeds are mature and dry, then they can
be collected, bagged and labelled for when you need them.
If you haven’t started composting then consider setting up a composting system over
the Christmas break. Composting goes hand in hand with your vege garden and
utilizes all the kitchen scraps and green waste from the garden that can’t be feed to
chickens (if you have chickens). If you don’t have chickens and you don’t have a
composting system you can probably feel me cringing. What a waste!!  If you are
interested in getting started then take a look at our FREE Composting article
Everything you need to know to get started and why composting is so good for your
garden. Especially the Vege Patch!!
Remember to keep your vege garden well mulched and to water regularly. If you have
the space, consider planting a few pumpkin seeds and grow on the strongest plant
that emerges.  Having at least 10 pumpkins set and muture will supply the average
family through the cooler months with fresh home grown pumpkin.  Pumpkin soup is
lovely with fresh bread on a winters night and so good for you!  They are one of the
easiest veges to grow with fertilization being the hardest part unfortunately. This can
be done yourself, if your garden is a little low on critters to do it for you.  
If you are new to the productive garden scene and are unsure where to start, our
Vegetable Garden Guide will give you all the information you will need and for just
$9.90…It’s great value!
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