We all enjoy the cooler months in the garden for the change of routine and not having to mow as regularly is a real plus, but unfortunately this allows the weeds to move in.  

A variety of winter weeds including winter grass, bindii & dandelions thrive when mowing is less frequent.  This gives them the opportunity to flower and then seed, increasing the infestation for the following year.

                                                   weeds in your lawn

                                       Feathery leaf of the Bindii                                              Flat, broad leaf of the Dandelion

If you haven’t dealt with the Bindii then now’s the time to get onto it.  Hand pulling is your best plan of attack with poisons contributing to the decimation of our bee population.  Unfortunately in this time poor world, it isn’t always a viable option, though if your weed problem is only small consider weeding them out by hand.  I find this process very therapeutic particularly on a gorgeous afternoon.  Weed seedlings are easiest to pull but essentially the key is to remove them before they flower and set seed (the prickle), continuing the cycle.  Feed them to the chooks, they will love them, otherwise add to your compost bin. Another alternative is heat seeing steam being used more and more on a domestic level.  Compact units are now available and a sound investment for the environmentally conscious.

Regardless of what your weed problem is, breaking the seed cycle is imperative to avoid a greater infestation next cycle, especially the bindii!  Look out for thistle & cobblers pegs too which grow very fast and set masses of seeds that germinate quickly.

treating weeds in lawn

If you need to use sprays, I suggest applying it to weeds that are not yet flowering to reduce the impact on the bee/insect populations. These little guys are getting a really hard time and without them we will all suffer seeing food crop flower pollination failure as bees are our primary pollinators.

Weed & Feed type products are easy to use and cover quite a few of the common perpetrators.  Not only do you knock out the pesky weeds but you give your lawn a feed at the same time.



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