lawnThere is nothing nicer than a lovely lawn & autumn is one of the best times of the year to dedicate some gardening time to your lawn.
Weeding, feeding & patching should be done now before winter sets in. There are many products on the market but you can’t go past the ease of a weed & feed type product. They can be attached to your hose and applied within minutes. Don’t underestimate the poison component of these products, over
spray will cause die back if not the loss of a well loved plant. Use it carefully and you will see the weeds disappear and your lawn improve.
Weed Feed lawn
While you’re at it aerate your lawn too.  Compaction is often what causes lawns to become weed infested and unhealthy.  Aeration allows air & water to penetrate down into the soil to the grass roots.  A garden fork can be used to create the holes needed or for larger areas you can hire a aerator.
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