If you are keen to continue growing through summer and you have access to plenty of water, then you will need to look at some shade structures. Take a look at last Summer’s Newsletter and this article Handy Frame for many uses to help you decide which design suits you best. Either way the structure comes in handy all year round, so ensure your final design can be moved every now and then.

Spring plantings will continue to produce now till it starts to cool off.  Consider saving your seeds especially with lettuce & rocket that go to seed.  Utilizing these over the coming months will save you time & money.  Tomato, cucumber & pumpkin seeds (to name a few) can be stored for a couple of years and used to plant out when needed.

Seed saving is easy to do.  For example, with lettuce, once the flower head has opened and the seeds matured you should be able to shake them into a paper bag.  Storing the seeds in paper bags ensures that they stay dry and they should be stored in a cool place in an air tight container.  Seeds from fleshy plants like tomatoes can be spread on a paper towel, allowed to dry and then stored.  So, like we always say, experiment, give it a go and have some fun with it.

Compost is so easy to make in Summer, with high temperatures providing the environment to assist breakdown of organic materials. Along with other materials, plant trimmings, leaf litter & some grass clippings should all be utilized so nothing goes to waste. Try and remember to take the lid off when the storms are moving through to make good use of that wonderful resource. Learn more in our Complete Garden Guide.

Need some help with your veggie patch?  Take a look at our Vegetable Garden eBooklet.  Jam packed with helpful information it’s a great buy!

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