It’s that time of year and if you have plans to escape, then some good planning will make your time away a little easier on your plants.  The following tips for your plants will ensure your precious plants will look just as good when you arrive home as when you left.

Mulch, Mulch, Mulch!

We can’t stress it enough, if you want your gardens to cope while you are away relaxing then this is a job well done ahead of time.  If you’ve run out of time then consider other options that may just get you through.

Water Saving Products

Water Crystals

Most people have heard of water saving crystals but few are aware of a liquid product that can be applied to established garden beds or potted plants. Liquid water saving products are easy to use and can be easily applied around the base of your plants or to a potted plant. Water saving products reduce the need to water regularly, maintaining moisture levels at the roots of your plants. Regardless of whether you are heading away or not, the application of a water saving product could take the pressure off over the festive season and you can also apply it to the lawn! Water Crystals are best used when planting out your plants but remember to mix them up with water and use the swollen crystals in the bottom of your planting holes. I have seen plants pop out of the ground when planted on too many dry crystals …. always makes me smile!

Choose a quality potting mix.

When potting up plants we always recommend you use a “Premium” potting mix as these mixes include quality ingredients including slow release fertiliser and water saving crystals. If you are going to spend good money on plants then buy a good quality potting mix to support them.  This will ensure your plants receive everything they need to grow well and stay healthy.  Products over $15.00 per bag would be a good investment for your plants health.  If your time away is only short then pots could have saucers filled with water to provide some extra moisture while you are gone.  Remember that in warmer regions of Australia, your plants will not do well locked up in the house and will need to be set outside in a shady spot until you return.

Irrigation Systems

Irrigation is also another must for easy, fail proof gardening for the busy home owner. The more automated the better but if you are budget conscious, then there are other options.  Don’t overlook the DIY kits that you can purchase from hardware stores. It will take you back to your childhood, being as simple as Lego to put together.  Along with the addition of a manual timer, fitted to the tap, keeping the water up to your plants can be made easy for whoever is in charge while you’re away.

You will find these garden products at your local hardware, produce or nursery supplier.
Happy holidays!!

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