With so many varieties to choose from the Grevillea really does make a welcomed addition to any garden. 
Available as a ground cover, prostrate & weeping shrub right through to large shrubs/trees there is one to suit
every garden. No longer are they just the lanky plants that you remember with extensive developments by growers,
producing a range of small compact varieties suitable for small gardens.
Bird & insect attracting, these plants not only provide the beauty with their prolific flowering but also attract the
native flauna like bees to a honey pot.  With a bi annual trim (heavily in Summer) the Grevillea can be maintained
to a lovely, compact shape and you will increase its flowering and lifespan.
Always ensure that your Grevilleas have good drainage as this is the biggest killer, they definately don’t like wet
feet.   Always ensure that you check the tag for its growth size and then allow just a little more room than required
because they grow really well in the subtropics!! 
Look out for some favourites like….. Molly, Soopa Doopa, Honey Gem, Cooroora Cascade, Firesprite and Peaches
& Cream, just to name a few. 
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