Being a garden lover and renting can be frustrating but enjoying your rental garden is a must, especially for maintaining physical & mental health. There are challenges faced when signing a lease agreement with regards to having to stick to the conditions report. Often drastic or permanent changes to your rental home garden are out of the question, making life just a little dull.  With that in mind, renters don’t need to go without.  Spending money and putting in hard work creating something to just leave behind, doesn’t make sense for most people.  But what if you could take it with you?

Luckily there are some easy and affordable ways you can transform your precious rental home garden into a green space you can enjoy.


Here Are 5 Easy Ways You Can Enjoy Your Rental Garden.

Pots and Containers

Pots and containers are a great way to display the plants you love in your rental home but you can take them with you when your lease is up. Look for decorative pots that suit your style to display your plants around your garden area. Hanging pots with low maintenance plants are a good solution for small undercover areas as well.


Mulched potted plants

Trying to keep your plants, especially the ones in pots, hydrated in dry and hot weather can have you racking up a big water bill. Mulching is a way to retain moisture and feed the soil, boosting the plants health. Mulching will also help prevent weeds, leaving your garden looking its finest for house inspections with the real estate.  Water saving products are great too and can be applied to pots once mixed up in a watering can…they will literally cut your watering in half!


Raised Garden Beds

We have talked about how you can incorporate potted plants around your rental garden but for the productive gardeners, raised garden beds could be ideal for you. Rather than planting into the ground or a pot, you can simply make or buy decent sized, raised garden beds and place them out in a full sun position. Plant your favourite vegetables, herbs or flowers and have a portable, productive, rental garden you can enjoy.

Adding Design Elements

Other than plants, another way to improve your rental garden area is to add design elements. Decorative garden screening or fairy lights are ideal for revamping your outdoor space. Add modern accessories such as outdoor furniture or a portable fire pit to make your rental home a desired space to be in.  Making your time at home relaxing and more enjoyable could mean a free standing water feature that soothes the soul on lazy weekends.  Decorative candles and solar lighting are cost effective when trying to create a relaxing space to enjoy with family & friends.


Indoor Plants

I think we’ve covered your outdoor space but what about creating an indoor garden? With the condition report in the back of our minds, it’s important not to damage the walls, by hanging pictures however indoor plants are a perfect option to decorate your rental as they are portable and easy to move around. Adding indoor plants in your home provides many benefits including improving the air quality by increasing oxygen levels. There are many indoor plants you can choose from to suit your style but if you’re placing pots, remember to protect the flooring from water damage.  That’s the last thing you want to happen as it can be very hard to fix without full replacement of the area. So as you can see enjoying your rental garden is easy with just a little creative planning.


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