With the world’s bee population in dire straits, due to the overuse of poisons to control weeds within our environment, could an alternative approach (steam) be just what is needed?

Along with planting more appropriate plant species for bees to feast on, reducing our use of herbicides to control weeds is essentially what is needed for the bee’s survival.  Weeds are generally fast growing and produce many flowers, hence producing a lot of seeds, making them extremely good at replicating themselves and this is where the issue lies.

weed speciesControlling weeds has seen some councils within Australia move towards using steam weeding machines.  Steam control is a win win seeing the bees unaffected by the spraying but by also reducing chemical residues in public spaces.  This alternative approach is very effective and really should be adopted by domestic gardeners too to safeguard our local bee populations and our own good health.


How does it work?

The process sees the leafy material of the weed sprayed with steam and into the soil to affect the root systems as well.  The size of the area of your garden will dictate the size and type of steam machine you will require but essentially a long wand is required as you would have on a chemical spraying pack.  The positive to this investment is that steam machines have many uses including cleaning everyday surfaces like floors, walls, outdoor furniture and more.

weed species


Regardless of your chosen approach, to break the seed cycle of the weeds growing in your garden is how you will really win the war.  Irradiating weeds before they can seed will reduce the ongoing cycle meaning you will need to dedicate less time to the fight. If poison is to be used, then spraying when plants are not flowering will at least stop bees from being attracted to them and in turn picking up poison residue on themselves as they move from flower to flower.






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