Though it’s a great time to plant and transplant other plants at the moment, hold
off on citrus.
Winter is the better season to consider planting out new citrus trees or transplanting
existing ones to another area in your garden. Use the Autumn months to prepare
the plot where you are planting your citrus tree/s, ensuring that this space receives
good sun all year round and is not a boggy area of the garden.

Mound for citrus

I always suggest planting fruit trees on mounds of good quality soil & or compost
and then mulching them very well with sugarcane mulch.  They demand good
drainage so ensure you provide this to ensure that you have a productive tree
for many years to come.
For small gardens consider multi grafted trees or dwarf varieties.  These are
available online should you not be able to source them locally. For the best
results choose 2-3 varieties for your grafts and remember to maintain the tree
so the dominant variety doesn’t take over.
Citrus - Multi Graft
Like most things in the garden, planning is essential.